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Please use the contact information in the sidebar to reach Dan or Maura with inquiries regarding Somos Ohana Nicaragua. For problems with our website contact the webmaster.

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Dan or Maura Flavin
69A Ulunui Place
Pukalani, Hawaii 96768
(808) 572-9898


Chuck Carletta

Somos Ohana Nicaragua provides economic and therapeutic cooperation for groups or individuals seeking to improve their lives, especially those who are marginalized by socio-economic, political, cultural, or environmental conditions.
Respect: for the individuals with whom we work and serve. We respect their individuality, their abilities, their culture, religious beliefs, and practices.
Honor: each person as a brother or sister. We serve in an effort to fulfill basic human rights, in a spirit of compassion and service to humanity.
Mutuality: our right and duty to help others by sharing our resources, time, and efforts, accompanying them with hope. As we develop understanding of their reality and cultural values, we receive their trust, friendship, and learn from their shared wisdom.
Local Empowerment: fostering participation enables individuals and communities to take responsibility for their own futures.
Integration: being a catalyst in connecting with many supporting resources; coordinating, not duplicating the efforts of others: i.e. other NGOs, the federal & municipal governments, and local volunteers.
Sustainability: putting our efforts and resources into programs with lasting benefits.
Our priorities are: supporting education and health at all levels, of children as well as adults, including those with special needs. We are “cooperantes” (collaborating partners) of the rural communities of the municipality of Villanueva. Each project we agree to is a response to a request by a community (or individual) that has felt a specific need, and they have promised to cooperate with labor, time, or other resources, according to their resources and talents.