Major Milestones!

  • 2013 – First Day Camp was given.

  • 2015 – Yesenia Hernandez, special needs teacher/coordinator, assigned by the Ministry of Education, to initiate new programs and help us reach more students.

  • 2022 – Day Camp was restarted after having been discontinued from 2018-2021.

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Annual Day Camp Project

Since 2013 Somos Ohana Nicaragua has offered an annual day camp for children and young adults with special needs from about 10 different villages within the Municipality of Villanueva.  The camp includes swim therapy, arts and crafts, music, sports and health education. It is a time for making friends, stretching confidence and abilities, and having fun. It also provides the opportunity for mothers and caregivers to develop support groups and for our physical therapist volunteer and our physical therapy scholarship student to work with the attendees who have physical problems. Community volunteers from the area as well as volunteers from the USA join together to put on the two-week camp, usually held at a ranch facility that is donated by a local rancher.

Special arrangements are made for some of the camps when necessary. For example, a community teacher of sign language joined us for a day camp for hearing impaired students. In another camp braille materials were provided to the teacher of visually impaired students.

The camp is organized to provide groups of special needs students and their caregivers with two days of activities. The groups are formed according to age and need. Everyone attending is provided transportation and meals.

More Photos for Day Camp 2015