Videos Show Our Program in Action

Somos Ohana Nicaragua’s videos help those outside of Nicaragua “see” the people of Nicaragua, especially people who are marginalized in their day-to-day reality.  These folks lack many things we consider “basic needs,” but they persevere in faith, willing to work for a better future and grateful for opportunities to better their lives and the lives of their children while surviving and overcoming difficult situations.

Short vignettes reveal how Somos Ohana Nicaragua’s service volunteers are helping improve the lives of children and adults in rural communities.

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“Discovering the Rainbow” concentrates on the fun and meaning of our first Day Camp for 40 children and young adults with Special Needs.

Short presentation: “In Search of a ‘Perfect Cow’ for the Escalante Family”

Introduced through the experience of Hawaiian volunteers, this video presents actual clips of S.O.N.’s cooperation with various communities as we promote health and education.