Major Milestones:

  • 2008 – First wing was built with three classrooms. School was named Instituto José Dolores Estrada.

  • 2009 – The final classrooms in the second wing were completed.

  • 2010 – The Hawaii team brought the books for setting up the library.

  • 2011 – 2012 Partnering with Amigos for Christ, a solar-powered water pump and water system was installed for the school and surrounding community.

  • 2021 – A classroom was added, and both wings received electrical upgrades and outside lighting.

  • 2022 – A perimeter fence was added to protect gardens and the school facilities.

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Rincón de García School Project

In 2007 the remote rural community of Rincón de García, which had no secondary school accessible to the students above primary grades, came together with representatives of Somos Ohana Nicaragua during the team’s summer visit. We learned that teens were having classes on Saturday mornings only in a primary school with the elementary school’s teachers doing double duty.

We planned and raised money for that first secondary school and brought back volunteers in the summer of 2008. They worked in the mud and hot sun along with parents and other community folk who were putting their “sweat equity” into building the school, and the first wing came together with 3 classrooms. The Nicaraguan government supports the school with teachers.

In 2009 community members and Somos Ohana Nicaragua completed the final wing and the end of the wing was beautifully painted with the school name: Instituto José Dolores Estrada.

Since then, Somos Ohana Nicaragua has added library books, another classroom, indoor and outdoor electrification, clean water and a perimeter fence. We continue to support the teachers and students with books, computers when available and bikes for incoming students with long walking commutes.