Water on its way!

The promised drill rig to dig the much-needed well for Instituto Augusto Cesar Sandino is on its way to the port in Nicaragua! The non-profit Amigos for Christ that works in northern Nicaragua is providing the use of this drill, being shipped this month from Philadelphia and slated to arrive around Christmas. It’s a powerful machine adequate to the job of drilling for water through the blue rock at the new secondary school in La Carreta.

Somos Ohana Nicaragua will provide infrastructure, such as a pump and piping, for this well. We have worked and hoped for this access to water since the beginning of building this school. The students can look forward to adequate water for sanitation, hydration and the irrigation of their garden crops, and Somos Ohana Nicaragua can look forward to starting the construction of the third wing, which will include a kitchen.

Ultimately, the school plans to offer agricultural and animal husbandry skills in addition to the regular academic curriculum and computer classes which are ongoing now.