Flatbread Benefit Tuesday June 4

Maui friends of Somos Ohana Nicaragua, come eat pizza with us on TUESDAY, JUNE 4, at The Flatbread Company, 89 Hana Highway in Paia, and check out our Silent Auction from 5:00 to 9:00 pm. We have many excellent deals! Flatbread will generously give Somos Ohana Nicaragua a portion of the money from each pizza sold between 5:00 and 10:00 pm that night, and all proceeds will go to furnishing the 3rd wing, under construction now, of La Carreta’s secondary school Instituto Augusto C. Sandino. Muchas gracias for your support!

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Funds raised for furnishing the 3rd wing

Members of the Somos Ohana Nicaragua board and other volunteers held a very successful yard sale on Maui April 27. All the proceeds are designated for the furnishing of the 3rd wing of Instituto Augusto C. Sandino secondary school in La Carreta, Departamento de Chinandega.

The 3rd wing is currently under construction while students attend classes in the first 2 wings completed in 2016. Somos Ohana Nicaragua is very grateful for the many generous donations of good to our yard sale, as well as to the Maui community members who came out to purchase and support our programs!

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La Carreta students receive healthy morning snack

Many of the students come to school hungry. They now receive their breakfast, prepared by Head Teacher and Language Arts instructor Prof. Luvy. She prepares a healthy breakfast drink of local fruits and milk and serves a locally-made bun. The breakfast is served while the students work on their lessons, and the nutrition boost enhances their ability to focus and learn.

Somos Ohana Nicaragua is providing funds for this meal until they can start harvesting enough foods from their school gardens. We are looking forward to the new cafeteria under construction in the 3rd wing where the students can eat more comfortably.

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Excellent progress on the 3rd wing of the school

Amazing progress was made on the 3rd wing of the La Carreta secondary school by the construction crew during the dry weather at the end of 2018 and start of 2019. This wing will house the school library and a kitchen and dining area for the students and teachers. The kitchen will be used to prepare the produce grown by the students, for their own mid-day meal, for their families and eventually for sale.

The parents of this school community chose the site for this school and decided that, long term, the focus of the school would be, in addition to the normal curriculum, an agricultural and animal husbandry education for the area youth. We are all very grateful that the recently dug well has reached a good water source.

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Getting classrooms ready for the new school year

On Monday, February 4, the school year starts in Nicaragua. Teachers and community members are cleaning the classrooms of construction dust, and students prepare to begin the 3rd year of classes at Instituto Augusto C. Sandino secondary school in La Carreta. The first 2 wings were built in 2016 and 2017 by Somos Ohana Nicaragua and house classrooms and a computer learning center. Construction of the 3rd wing of the school began over the vacation time in December and January.

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The Water System is working!

At the secondary school Instituto Augusto Sandino in La Carreta there will be water for not only the construction of the 3rd wing, for which we’ve signed the contract and construction is soon beginning, but also for the on-going use of the school: water for drinking and sanitation and for growing the school’s vegetable garden!

We were delighted to hear from our contacts in the non-profit that is working with us to put in the school’s well and pump infrastructure that it’s all working properly and that there will be water year-round.

The students are on their “summer” break, December and January. They’ll have water when classes resume in February, and the construction team during the break is starting their 3rd wing, which will provide a library, kitchen, dining area and teacher work room.

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Fundraising luncheon Saturday, October 20

The Pukalani-based nonprofit Somos Ohana Nicaragua will host a fundraising luncheon on Saturday, October 20, at Heritage Hall, 401 Baldwin Ave. in Paia from 11:00 am to 2:00 pm. There will be typical Latin American foods, a silent auction and Nicaraguan craft sale, and live music. The N&B Band and Dr. Nat and friends will play Latin music for dancing while guests enjoy a lunch buffet and dessert table.

The event will help the group fund the third wing of the rural secondary school they have built at La Carreta in northwest Nicaragua. The first two wings house a computer lab and classrooms for 133 students studying a traditional curriculum, with many community members coming for computer classes after school hours. The third wing will include a library, a combined kitchen-dining room and facilities for preparing and storing the agricultural produce from the school gardens, made possible by the recent completion of a potable water well on the school grounds.

More information about the mission and work of Somos Ohana Nicaragua is at www.somosohananicaragua.org.

Luncheon tickets are $25 ($15 is deductible as a donation) and $10 for children between the ages of 3 and 9, available at the door or call 205-4067.

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Good Water Reached in School Well

At the end of September of this year, 2018, the drill rig generously supplied by Amigos for Christ, with whom we partnered at Instituto Augusto Sandino in La Carreta, hit good water at 170 feet! It tested pure, so it will be the wonderful source of clean water for drinking, sanitation, growing and preparing the harvested vegetables in the school garden. This development will also soon allow for the addition of a small-animal husbandry curriculum at the school.

Currently the pipes are being laid to the motor house, all costs of which are covered by Somos Ohana Nicaragua. The achieving of a good water source for the school enables us to begin construction of the planned 3rd wing of this secondary school in La Carreta, providing the school with a kitchen/cafeteria, a library, and a teachers’ room.

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2018 Trip Postponed

Since 1999, we have been living/serving our ohana in Nicaragua during July and into August. But not this year.

Nicaragua has been suffering political/civil unrest since the middle of April partly brought to a head because of the President Ortega’s decision to tax those who receive Social Security benefits, something unheard of in Nicaragua prior to this. Mostly peaceful demonstrations resulted in almost immediate rescinding of the Act. However, that encouraged the political parties who were upset by the President’s power to allow himself to be elected for a 3rd (5 year) term. They saw a new dictatorship forming; then the demonstrations started to become violent. By the beginning of June, there were barricades all over the highways in/out of major cities in the country, daily killings in the streets; continued chaos! Because of this, we decided that it was too dangerous to return to Nicaragua at this time.

We are in weekly contact with our ohana in Villanueva, and in Chinandega. It has been an oasis in the midst of all the chaos around them. The children in primary and secondary schools have continued their regular schedules. However, all the public universities had been closed because of violence and destruction in some of them, especially in Managua and Leon.

Meanwhile, here are some major advancements in Villanueva that we have been able to coordinate from here in Hawaii since the beginning of June:

1) Early July, Amigos for Christ’s water team (a large non-profit from GA) with whom we partnered to set up the potable water system at the school in La Carreta, finally reached water at 170 feet, after drilling (and hammering) through mostly blue rock. The electric pump arrived, and they will complete the installation and connections to the school.

2) After much coordination between the head teacher, families, and the owner of the bike shop in Chinandega, on July 11th, 12 bikes were delivered to the youngsters who must travel the longest distances to get to classes in the Instituto Augusto C. Sandino.

3) When the water system is complete, the contractor, who was responsible for the construction of the first two wings of the Instituto, assures us he will be ready to sign a contract with us.

Some on our team plan to go to Villanueva at the end of October this year, as the unrest seems to be largely over, and we hear from our ohana in Villanueva that transportation between there and the capital is again normalized.

We are deeply grateful for your faithful interest, kindness, and support of the rural families in Nicaragua. Please pray for peaceful solutions to the lingering distrust, and hate among the various factions. May the people be willing to forgive those who have caused their suffering.

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Bikes arrive, kids and families thank donors

In July, after much back and forth email coordination between Maui and Nicaragua, 12 bikes were bought in Chinandega and delivered to the school at La Carreta where head teacher Luvy coordinated with the receiving students and their parents. Each brought a “letrero,” or big sign, thanking in their own words the donor, and a picture was taken to send to those folks. Each student and a parent signed their contract promising good attendance and good effort to keep up their grades, and each one happily tried out their new bike, which came with 2 extra tires and a tire repair kit.

We provide bikes to each year’s incoming students who have a commute to school that would take 2 hours or more to walk. No school bus is available to these rural kids, and many live a long way from school over rough, pot-holed dirt roads.

This program aims to give students the incentive to remain in school until graduation, thus preparing them for work or further education and contribution to their community, and hopefully keeping them from emigrating.

All bikes are bought in the Department of Chinandega and cost roughly $100 USD. Donors for more bikes are constantly sought and much appreciated! Contact Somos Ohana Nicaragua if you would like to help!

Dan or Maura Flavin
69A Ulunui Place
Pukalani, Hawaii 96768
(808) 572-9898

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