Our huge annual yard sale to benefit our programs of scholarships, grants and health services in rural northwest Nicaragua, is Saturday, April 24, in Kula Kai, at 51 Mano Drive, Kula, 8:00 am to 1:00 pm. All proceeds from the sale of the Ikebana vases, books, art, antiques and collectibles; household goods, clothing including children’s, toys, plants, physical therapy supplies, speakers, plants, tools and more will benefit the group’s programs in Nicaragua. For more information call 205-4067.

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Completed! New classroom for growing high school

Instituto Jose Dolores Estrada’s new classroom is finished. The head teacher, Alvaro Francisco Mondragon (L), and the architect/contractor, Edwin Morales (R), are ready to cut the ribbon for the teachers and students. Ingeniero Morales donated the lights for the first-ever night time illumination at this school in Rincon de Garcia, Municipalidad de Villanueva, Chinandega, Nicaragua.

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Almost finished!

The new aula, or classroom, being added to Instituto Jose Dolores Estrada is close to completion. Work has been done during the secondary students’ long school break, in Nicaragua the period from mid-December through January. Teachers and students can start using it sometime in February as the new school year begins. Like in Kona Hawaii of old, Nicaragua’s school year is on a “coffee schedule,” with students out of school during the coffee harvest time.

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Graduation in new auditorium

On December 11, 2020, the graduation of the first class that in 2016 entered the newly built Instituto Augusto C. Sandino in La Carreta took place in the just-finished auditorium. Here are some photos, gracias to Profesora Luvy Uriarte Lainez, Head Teacher. Somos Ohana Nicaragua sends the graduates, their teachers and the Ministry of Education our congratulations, with lots of ALOHA and much pride in your accomplishments.

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First class graduates in new auditorium

The first class of daily students who entered the new secondary school at La Carreta, Instituto Augusto Cesar Sandino, will graduate December 11, 2020, and they’ll do it in their just-completed auditorium. Note the Hawaiian flag; they sewed it, and it’s there in honor of us, their friends in Hawaii. Read all the latest news here: 2020  Newsletter.

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