The plans were carefully drawn and approved by the Ministry of Education, and workers are building the foundation for the open-air auditorium that will provide a covered stage and seating capacity of over 200 for Instituto Augusto C. Sandino in La Carreta. We expect the auditorium to be completed by this December’s upcoming graduation of the very first group of secondary students, the ones who started in 2016 when the new school opened.

The new structure will also provide a shaded, semi-outdoor classroom space for very hot days, as well as a lighted evening meeting space for the community.

The board of Somos Ohana Nicaragua, unable to travel to Nicaragua in 2020 due to the pandemic, is very pleased to have found a good architect and crew who have worked closely with us long-distance to provide good value in support of our mission. Somos Ohana Nicaragua is very grateful to the generous donors who have made the dream of an auditorium in the La Carreta secondary school a reality.